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Local Young Eagles Group

What are the ideas behind the "Young Eagles Group?
The Young Eagles Program is designed to encourage young people to experience flying for personal achievement in a fun environment. This is an opportunity for young people to consider flying for sport and recreation or a career as a Commercial Pilot. And if nothing else it enables them to have some fun while learning about aviation - - as well as trips to control towers and other interesting aviation related locations. Many Young Eagles graduates have continued on to careers in an aviation related field, be that as a pilot, an engineer, an air traffic controller or in any of the myriad of roles in aviation.
Young Eagles
What is the history of Young Eagles?
The scheme originated with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in the USA. The Royal New Zealand Aero Club (Flying NZ) adapted the EAA program to suit the New Zealand environment and the existing Aero Club structure. The Flying NZ Young Eagles Scheme is recognised by the EAA and was registered with them as an official Young Eagles National organisation. Flying NZ now operates its program independently.
What systems and rules are followed?
(is it safe?)
Aviation is serious fun! We need to make sure the serious is taken Seriously. Aerohire knows that ALL rules are there for everyone's safety. Following the rules and in most cases exceeding them, for pilot requirements and aircraft maintenance etc. - things are safe as it can possibly be. Plus Flying NZ have extra policies and procedures to ensure the wellbeing of all involved
Flying NZ,
Who are they? and their Information.

About Flying New Zealand

Flying NZ began over 80 years ago under a Royal Charter as the Royal New Zealand Aero Club Inc. (RNZAC).
It is the umbrella organisation for most Aero Clubs in New Zealand.
Flying NZ consists of an Executive body elected from member clubs throught New Zealand.
More About Flying NZ
Flying NZ's brochure on the Young Eagles
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Young Eagles Program Guiding Principles
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Flying NZ Web page on the Young Eagles
Even more info
What happens at a normal meeting of the Whakatane group?
The kick off is with a 20-30 minute group theory class on very general aviation topics then they are divided into small groups for various activites such as Flight Simulator Instruction, Theory Classes for NCEA Credits, rostered flights Time will also be allotted to just hang out and talk aviation with other pilots. Most pilots are excellent role models, because of what is required to get a Pilot Licence.
When and where do the Whakatane Group meet?
********Map********** The Whakatane group meets on the last Sunday Afternoon of each month (Except December and January) at the Aerohire Hangar on the Whakatane Airport.
How to get involed?
Quickest way to get going is to fill in the Registation Form below. However for more information the best way is to pay us a visit at the Whakatane airport where one of our Instructors can show you around and answer your questions.
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