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Flight Simulator - About

Aerohire's Flight Simulator
The flight simulator screen is over 250 degrees around, which gives the Sim Pilot the feeling of flight, even with the seat fixed to the floor. Plus the simulator can be set up for a large range of aircraft and you can choose to fly from almost anywhere in the world.
A big help to trainee Pilots
Seeing the Simulator behave very much like a real aircraft the pilot can practice stuff before and after their flying lesson to reinforce what they are currently learning about. And I can also show the student pilot situations that just wouldn’t be safe to fly for real. This would help to give students a real appreciation why some rules are in place for their own well being.
Just great fun and real good entertainment
The Simulator can also have a fun side. So the non-pilot can get to be a pilot for a while doing some types of flying that even most real pilots don't get a chance to do.